Tax forms for reporting interest earned or paid are typically uploaded into our Statements system in mid-to-late January after the conclusion of the previous tax year.  Please note:

1099-INT forms will not be generated if the total interest earned for all of your owned accounts with Embassy Bank is less than $10.00 for the tax year.

Loans must meet all of the following criteria in order to qualify to receive a 1098 interest statement:

  1. The Borrower/Tax Owner on the loan is an individual (a 1098 will not be issued if the Borrower is a Business Entity)
  2. The Loan is secured by real estate
  3. Interest paid for the tax year is $600.00 or greater

If you are eligible to receive a tax form, it will be mailed to you via USPS.  To retrieve a copy of the tax form from our Online Banking system:  click on Statements, then click on "Tax Forms" next to the account number.

In the example below, you would click on "Tax Forms" for loan account # 9876543:

The most recent tax form will appear in the window.  If any previous year tax forms are available, you may click on the year in the right-side menu to view the available form(s).

To view the amount of interest earned or paid on one of your accounts or loans at any time, log in to Online Banking, then:

Click on the account or loan name:

Then click on "Account Details":

Your current-year interest earned or paid will be labeled "YTD Interest".  Your prior-year interest earned or paid will appear below that line, labeled with that year. In the example below, the account summary was viewed in January 2023, so it displays the YTD interest paid for 2023 of $0.04, and it displays the 2022 total-year interest paid of $0.20:

If you are not eligible to receive a 1099 or 1098 but still need written confirmation of interest earned or paid for your tax filing, please call us at (610)882-8800 or send us a secure message and we can generate a letter for you.