Please try logging into your Online Banking through the website first to verify that your username and password are working.  If you are unable to log in by either the website or app, please verify your username and password are correct.  You may use the "Forgot Username or Password" link on either the website or app to request both.  If your account is locked, please call us at (610)882-8800.

If you are able to log in through the website but are still unable to log in with the app, please verify that you have our new Mobile Banking App.  If you don't already have it, please visit the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) to download our new app.  

Our new personal app icon is:  

Our new business app icon is:  

If you see this logo for the personal app:  

or this logo for the business app: , please delete those apps (those are from our previous online banking system).