Add a Payee

To add a new payee, type the name of the payee in the “Need to pay someone new?” entry box near the top middle of the main payments page (or, if this is your first time using Bill Pay, the box will say "Who do you need to pay?").  As you type, what you are typing is matched to a known payee. If you see your payee in the drop down list, click the name and the click the Add button.  If you do not see the name in the drop down, don't worry, just complete typing the name of your payee and click the Add button.


You will then be asked for some information about your payee:

    Account Number – this is your account number with the payee. Enter the account number as it appears on your bill. When         making a payment to a person and not a business, you may not have an account number to provide. If this is the case,             leave the account number field blank.

    Payee Address – this is the address to which you send your payment.

    Payee Phone Number – enter the phone number your biller provides for questions about your bill.  If you are adding a                 company, look for a customer service phone number on your bill, statement, or invoice.  If you are adding a person,                 use the person's work, home, or mobile number.

    Zip code – in some cases we do not ask for the entire address of your payee, but just for their zip code. When prompted to          enter a zip code, enter the payee's zip code to which you send your payment.


Don't be alarmed if you are not asked for an address to which to send your payment. This means special arrangements are already in place with the company you are adding regarding how to remit payments to them. In many cases, a payment is sent electronically and therefore, an address is not needed. In other cases, the payee requires that payments be sent to an address that may be different from the address that appears on your bill


When adding your payee, you can also give your payee a nickname.  When your payee is added, it will display at the top of your payee list on the main payments page. The next time you come back to the screen, your payees will display in alphabetical order.



Edit a Payee

If some of your payee information has changed, or you would like to update your payee nickname, you can edit payee information from within the “Account Information” tab in the Options window:

  1. Locate the payee that needs to be updated in your list and click on its corresponding Options link.
  2. Select the “Account Information” tab from the navigation on the left hand side of the Options window.
  3. The information in the Account number, Category, Nickname, and Phone fields can be changed. If the Bill Pay service does not already have a payment relationship with the payee, you will be able to update the Address fields as well.  Note: If the Address fields are not editable, don't worry. This means the Bill Pay service has a payment relationship with that payee and gets payment delivery instructions directly from the payee.
  4. Click the "Save" button in the lower-right corner.



Hide a Payee

If your payee list is getting lengthy, consider “hiding” payees that you do not pay frequently. Hiding a payee simply removes it from displaying in your payee list. When hiding a payee, all of your payment history is retained and scheduled payments including recurring payments will continue to process.

To hide a payee:

  1. Locate the payee that needs to be updated in your payee list and click on its corresponding Options link.
  2. Click the “Hide it” link located at the bottom of the navigation tabs within the Options window.  The payee will be hidden from your payee list and the hidden payee indicator at the top of the main payments page will increment by one.



Unhide a Payee

To unhide a hidden payee:

  1. Locate and click on the hidden payee indicator near the top of the main payments page. A list of your hidden payees will be displayed.
  2. Click on the “Show” button next to the payee you want to unhide and your payee will be added to the top of your payee list. When you come back to the page later, the payee will be displayed in its appropriate alphabetical order.



Delete a Payee

If you are no longer making payments to a payee, you can delete it from the service. When deleting a payee, any payments scheduled for that payee will be automatically canceled. All previous payment history to the payee, however, will be retained for twenty-four (24) months from the time of the last payment.

To delete a payee:

  1. Locate the payee to be deleted in your list and click on its corresponding Options link.
  2. Click the “Delete it” link located at the bottom of the navigation tabs within the Options window.
  3. Click on the “Yes” button to confirm deletion of the payee.


Note: Payees in the process of enrolling for an eBill cannot be deleted until your first eBill has arrived. Once the first eBill has arrived, the payee can then be deleted. You may, however, continue to receive eBills for this payee for up to two months depending on the billing cycle. Subsequent bills will be delivered to you directly by the biller.