There are several reasons your check deposit may have failed or been rejected.  Please verify that your deposit shows in the Check Deposit History (tap on the Check Deposit icon at the bottom, then the History tab at the top).  If your deposit does not appear in the history, and if you have not exceeded the daily mobile deposit limit, you may attempt to deposit the check again.

If it does not appear in the history:  The picture(s) may not have been clear, or the app may have closed before you pressed the Deposit button.

If your mobile deposit is rejected:  you can view its status in the History, and you will receive an email with the rejection reason.  Some common rejection reasons include:

  • The check has not been endorsed.  You must sign the back of the check to endorse it for mobile deposit.
  • The check has not been signed by the payor.   You must obtain a new check from that payor or have them sign the front of this check.
  • The date is blank, or the check is stale dated.   A check must be dated upon issue, and unless otherwise printed on the front, a check is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue.  Please have the payor issue a new check.
  • The amount written in numbers does not match the amount written in words, or one of these sections has been left blank.   Please have the payor issue a new check.
  • The check is illegible, or information is missing (for instance, if the MICR code on the bottom of the check is torn or unreadable).  Please have the payor issue a new check.
  • The check has been altered.  If any part (date, payee, number amount, word amount, signature, etc.) appears altered, overwritten, washed, crossed out, whited-out, etc. you will not be able to mobile deposit this check.  If you feel this is in error, please bring that check to one of our branches for review.
  • The check is made payable to someone who is not a signer on the account.
  • This check has been deposited previously.