Your login credentials are meant for your use only, and the Multi-Factor Authentication process (MFA) is linked to your phone number(s) and email address.  If you are the business Online Banking Administrator, you can add coworkers or employees and assign permissions to access your business’s accounts online.   The Users you add will be emailed unique usernames and passwords, so they will have their own login credentials.   The users you create do not have to be authorized signers on your account, but please use caution; only assign access to employees that you trust to manage your business’s accounts responsibly.   You may want to consider assigning them view-only access, place limits on Bill Pay transactions, or require transaction approvals.  

To add and manage users, after logging into your Online Banking, go to the main navigation bar, and under Additional Services click on Manage Users.  To add a new user, you will need that person’s name, phone number, and email address.  Please see the attached help guides “Business website – Add a User”, “Business website – Approve a New User”, and “Business website – Manage Users” for step-by-step instructions and pictures.