The Budgeting & Spending feature, also known as Money Management or MX, is software that enables you to add and view your bank accounts, investments, loans, credit cards, and much more in one platform.  MX allows you to track your spending and create custom budget groups (food, gas, rent, etc.).  You can assign groups to recurring transactions to categorize them automatically, or label individual transactions for each group.  Colored displays quickly allow you to see when you’re near or over your set budget per category.  Set goals for your financial future and use the built-in MX tools to achieve them.

For FAQs and a tutorial on Money Management’s features and usage, please visit our website at 

The interactive demo will show you how to add your accounts, create budgets and goals, and categorize your spending.  The demo also has modules on many other Online Banking features.  Click the Menu button in the lower-left corner of the demo software to choose the features you’d like to learn about.