Personal and Business Banking Website:  Click on Notifications at the top of the screen, then click Settings. You can add or disable notifications (Low Balance, Large Withdrawal, Loan Payment Overdue, etc.), or set up Text Message Banking.

Personal App:  Tap on the More tab in the bottom-right corner, then tap the Settingsicon in the upper-right corner.  Tap on Push Notifications, then turn the slider on or off for each desired notification.  To change the dollar amount threshold for a notification (for instance, if you want the low-balance notification to appear if your account balance goes below $50.00), tap on the dollar amount, edit the figure, then tap Done.

Business App: Currently the business app supports the display of active alerts, but does not allow you to enable or disable them. Please log into your Business Online Banking through a web browser and modify the notifications there.

Managing Alerts

Available Alerts & How to Add New (desktop)

Please click the "Add an alert +" button to view the available alerts, then click on the alert you would like to activate.  

Example 1:  if you would like to activate a new alert to let you know when your balance drops below a certain amount, select "Low balance", then:

Select the account in the dropdown, set the balance for which you'd like to receive alerts if your balance drops below, and choose whether you'd like those alerts emailed or texted to you, then click Save.

Example 2:  if you would like to activate a new alert to let you know when a specific check drawn on your account has been cashed, select "Check cleared", then:

Select your checking account from the dropdown list, enter the check number you'd like to monitor, then click Save.  You may also click "Add a personal message" if you'd like additional text in the alert (for instance, if you'd like to remind yourself who you wrote the check to when you receive the alert).

Example 3:  You can even set the system to regularly email or text you how much you have in your account!  Choose the "Balance update" option, then set your desired alert schedule:

Getting duplicate notifications?

 If you're seeing the same notification twice, you might have notifications turned on as above and notifications turned on in the Budgeting & Spending feature (also known as Money Management or MX). To turn notifications on or off in Budgeting & Spending, go to Budgeting & Spending in the Money Management tab, then click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.

Toggle the sliders for notifications you want to see or to remove, and choose whether you want email or SMS text alerts.