For personal accounts, your account may be hidden.  After logging into the Online Banking website, click on the Settings  icon in the Accounts widget and verify that the Show Account box is checked next to the account you want to see on the home screen.  If it is not checked (see example below), click on the box to check it, then click the "Go to My Accounts" button.

You can change the nickname of each account on this screen.  You can also rearrange the display order of your accounts by dragging and dropping each one (next to an account that you want to move, click and hold on the three horizontal dashes,  the left, then move it up or down).

If you do not see your account in Settings (personal accounts), or if you are the Online Administrator for your company’s accounts, please verify that you are an authorized signer on the account, then contact us at (610)882-8800 for assistance.  If you are a business user who is not an admin for your company, please contact your company’s Online Banking Administrator to request access.